Self-care Coaching

Find your balance and live great.


What is self-care coaching?

It is widely held for most individuals that are lives are comprised of eight core aspects that bring substance and quality to our lives; Personal growth, fun & leisure, home environment, career, financial wellbeing, health, friends and family, and romantic/intimate relationships. When these aspects of our lives are held in balance, we experience contentment in life.

But the million dollar question is, with life being so messy and chaotic, how can one achieve balance on a consistent basis? 

Research suggests knowing what your priorities and values are, above all else, is the main motivation behind the choices we make in our lives, and when you are intentional and in check with these, you make better choices for yourself. 

With all the choices we have at our disposal, combined with all the "have-to's" we must consider in order to survive in our world, it can be very overwhelming to know what is a priority to you and how to manage all the things. On top of all of these choices and decisions, we must remember that we are in a finite body that has a finite amount of energy it can exert over time. Add all this together and you have a pretty complex problem to figure out in hopes of achieving your desired dream life. 

This is where coaching can be helpful.

Utilizing a coach can help hold you accountable to your goals and priorities,  challenge you to overcome mindset blocks, and teach you organizational skills to help you achieve the life you want to be living.


What can you expect from me as your self-care coach?

As a self-care ally and advocate, I have spent my life searching and practicing life skills that bring me life-balance and sustainability, and keep me true to myself and my values. With two children, a life partner, an amicable co-parenting situtation, and a growing professional bodywork practice, I understand the chaoticness and exhaustiveness of life. It is through adaptability, self-awareness, and prioritization of my personal values and goals, that I am able to balance all the aspects of my life.

 As your self-care coach and ally, you can expect me to help in identifying your top priorities and life values while also considering the human condition, coming up with effective organizational strategies and plans, challenging limiting mindsets that no longer serve you, and providing you accountability measures so that you can achieve your goals. 

What do I specialize in?

  • Life Balance
  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Mindset blocks
  • Organizational skills
  • Prioritization

No goal is ever achieved with out the help of others; allowing yourself a reliable and supportive ally in your journey to your desired life is a profound step towards good self-care and wellbeing. Make an investment in yourself and schedule a "Find your balance" consultation with me today!